About the Podcast

The Conservation Cast

The Conservation Cast is a podcast developed and hosted by Maya Higa. On July 12th, 2019, the first episode raised $3,010 for the American Eagle Foundation, averaging 1,582 live viewers and accumulating 20,000 unique viewers. The podcast was created to provide conservationists, wildlife enthusiasts and scientific communicators with a platform to spread their conservation message to a large audience each week.
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Our Reach

One of the biggest challenges faced by scientific communicators today is the ability to connect with the next generation of conservation leaders. Social media has the potential to play a critical role in educating and connecting people to important global causes. After her community raised over $32,000 on her first charity stream in May of 2019, Maya realized that Twitch was an untapped reservoir for doing good and she subsequently developed the Conservation Cast as a platform for scientists and conservationists to spread their message.
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Why Twitch.tv?

Twitch offers our guests the opportunity to connect with viewers from around the globe in a variety of timezones. Here are some statistics that represent Twitch and it’s users:

Average User Time Spent on Twitch.tv

95 minutes per day

On average Twitch users spend 95 minutes per day on the platform. (Source: Influence marketing hub)

Site Popularity


Twitch.tv is the 35th most popular website online. (Source: Alexa)

Twitch's Daily Viewers

15 Million

Twitch garners on average 15 million daily viewers. (Source: Much Needed)

Millennials Accounting for Total Twitch Users


Millennials account for 71% of Twitch users. (Source: Much Needed)

U.S Market Share on Twitch


The United States accounts for 20% of twitch’s market share
(Source: SimilarWeb).

Views by Country

(Source: SimilarWeb)

The Podcast in Numbers

Total Raised For Charity


Thanks to the incredible generosity of Maya’s community, the Conservation Cast has helped raise money for organisations dedicated to protecting wildlife and supporting their conservation efforts.

Total Channel Views


Total number of views Maya’s channel has amassed since she started streaming on Twitch.tv.

Number of Episodes


Number of episodes the podcast has hosted since it’s start.

Average Live Viewers


Number of average live viewers on Twitch.tv across all episodes of the Conservation Cast.

Average Total Viewers


The total number of individual views during a live episode on Twitch.tv averaged across all episodes of the Conservation Cast.

Organizations we have helped

Throughout 2019 and 2020, thanks to the generosity of her community, Maya and the Conservation Cast has been able to raise money for these organizations dedicated to preserving and safeguarding wildlife and their ecosystems.