CONSERVATION CAST E. 46 with Sonam Tashi Lama for Red Panda Network

Maya speaks with Sonam Tashi Lama, a representative of Red Panda Network who became involved in the organization after contacting its founder who was studying red pandas in his remote area within Nepal. During this episode of the Conservation Cast, Maya spoke with Sonam about the red panda and their important role in our ecosystem as an indicator species. The duo discussed some of the many threats faced by red pandas, as well as the severity of habitat loss on the species. Other topics included their defense mechanisms, social behaviors, and the issues with pet trade, and the perception of them as pets. Sonam shared his experiences with capturing and handling red pandas for monitoring purposes, giving viewers a look into his daily life working with the incredible species. In addition to explaining what he and Red Panda Network do to monitor and protect red panda habitat, Sonam informed viewers of what they themselves can do to help contribute to red panda conservation.
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Maya’s community raised $1777.77 for Red Panda Network, a non-profit organisation which has become a world leader in efforts to protect red pandas and their habitat through conservation programs extending across one million acres of forest in Nepal.