CONSERVATION CAST E.1 with the American Eagle Foundation

During this inaugural episode of the Conservation Cast, Maya spoke with Connor O'Brien from the American Eagle Foundation (AEF). Prior to joining AEF in 2017 and serving as their Digital Marketing Specialist, O'Brien worked full time at an animal hospital while acquiring a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Throughout the podcast, Connor introduced the community to some of AEF's bird ambassadors including Jupiter the Barn Owl, and Challenger the bald eagle. The duo discussed the conservation challenges bald eagles and birds of prey face and the important role social media websites such as twitch.tv play in spreading conservation awareness. Another topic of conversation was the organization's decision to move away from repopulation and rehabilitation efforts and to focus more on conservation and education efforts.
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American Eagle Foundation

Mayas community raised $3,010 for the American Eagle Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in 1985 in Tennessee dedicated to the conservation and restoration of the Bald Eagle and other birds of prey.