CONSERVATION CAST E.13 with the Ojai Raptor Center

During this episode of the Conservation Cast, Maya spoke with Jaclyn DeSantis of the Ojai Raptor Centre. DeSantis oversees the education and outreach programs, manages the organization's social media accounts, helps train unreleasable ambassador birds which play a role in education/outreach and coordinates volunteer programs. The duo discussed the important role education and outreach play in the conservation efforts, the effect rodenticides play in the decline of bird populations and her journey to the Ojai Raptor Centre. Amongst other topics of discussion were the criteria rehabilitated birds must meet to be released back into the wild and some unique programs established to manage pest population numbers without the use of poisons.
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Ojai Raptor Center

Maya’s community raised $641 for the Ojai Raptor Centre, an organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of birds of prey and other wildlife. The organization is close to the heart of both Maya and her community, as they helped with the rehabilitation and release of Bean a red-tailed hawk who was a special part of Maya’s community before his release.