CONSERVATION CAST E.20 with Graham Wallington of WildEarth

During this episode of the Conservation Cast, Maya had the opportunity to speak with Graham Wallington the CEO and Co-Founder of WildEarth. Together the duo discussed a variety of topics including the effects climate change and poaching play in reducing population numbers of wildlife in the Kruger National park to future plans Graham and his team have for WildEarth. Another interesting point of discussion involved the fascinating and turbulent journey Graham has endured, beginning in 1998 of a waterhole with a refreshing image every 30 seconds to establishing WildEarth in 2007 with his wife Emily. Graham invited Maya to visit the WildEarth campground on the Djuma Game Reserve and broadcast a future episode of the Conservation Cast live on a safari vehicle.
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Maya’s community raised $1175 for WildEarth, an organization dedicated to connecting people to nature through delivering an authentic and in real-time view of nature. WildEarth is committed to conservation efforts in South Africa as well as the education of future conservation leaders all over the globe.