CONSERVATION CAST E.26 with Sam Allen for UTS Fish Ecology Lab

During this episode of the Conservation Cast, Maya spoke with Sam Allen who is a master's student at the UTS Fish Ecology Lab studying weedy sea dragons. The two discussed Sam’s journey in studying marine life and what led him to his master's program at the lab. The community learned about the unique adaptations that weedy sea dragons have evolved along with the challenges that the species face as a result of climate change and habitat loss. Sam discussed how the Fish Ecology Lab utilizes citizen science to aid in conservation research and the goals of studying the data collected. The donations made provided funding for field research and student programs at the UTS Fish Ecology Lab.
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UTS Fish Ecology Lab

Maya’s community raised $656.69 for the UTS Fish Ecology Lab, an institution that provides the research needed to inform the sustainability of the oceans and their fish populations. The lab engages in public education and promotes citizen science while training students to be the next generation of marine scientists.