CONSERVATION CAST E. 36 with Jordan Veasley for the Giraffe Conservation Foundation

During this episode of the Conservation Cast, Maya spoke with Jordan Veasley about his journey to becoming a zookeeper in a field lacking diversity and his efforts to inspire a similar passion for zookeeping in people of color through his social media presence. The two also discussed the importance of zoos and the role they have in the world for conservation and education as well as the misconceptions surrounding them. Jordan answered viewer questions ranging from his goals for education through social media to the ramifications of COVID-19 for zoos. The donations raised were sent to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, who is currently involved in giraffe conservation initiatives in 15 African countries.
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Giraffe Conservation Foundation

Maya’s community raised $1660 for the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, an organization dedicated to securing a future for all giraffe populations through concentrating solely on the conservation and management of giraffes in the wild throughout Africa.