CONSERVATION CAST E. 40 with James for CRASH Wildlife

During this episode of the Conservation Cast, Maya spoke with James about his roles on the South African reserve which he and his anti-poaching dog, Puma, live on. The two discussed how they provide research capability through having Puma track and monitor certain endangered or keystone species within the reserve. James explained how the data is used to get a better idea of the population density and how to go about management practices. Other points of discussion included the advantages of canines for anti-poaching methods, as well as how he became involved with the organization CRASH and what they aim to achieve.
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Maya’s community raised $1405.95 for CRASH Wildlife, a non-profit organization that aims to address the issue of a lack of transparency in the way in which donations are used within wildlife organizations. Through partnering with other organizations, they may accurately track the use of incoming funds and ensure that each donation helps as many animals as possible with the minimum amount of overhead expense, waste, or abuse.