CONSERVATION CAST E. 42 with Jasmin Graham for Minorities in Shark Sciences

During this episode of the Conservation Cast, Jasmin explained her aim to help change the culture of marine science and shark science in particular and ways in which MiSS is going about making marine science inclusive. Jasmin shared her experiences of boat trips, summer camps and workshops set up and funded by MiSS, igniting a passion for children in low-income communities who don’t typically have access to such activities. Viewers were also taught about the significance of getting children excited about and involved in STEM.
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Minorities in Shark Sciences

Maya’s community raised $1862.77 for Minorities in Shark Sciences, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women of color that are interested in shark science. The organization is passionate about eliminating the financial barrier that has kept a lot of people of color out of marine science. The org was created as a direct result of the #BlackInNature hashtag on twitter, aiming to amplify the voices of women of color through building community and establishing a connection through meetings and collaborations.