CONSERVATION CAST E. 43 with American Eagle Foundation for Vulture Conservation

During this special episode of the Conservation Cast, Maya collaborated once again with her friends from the American Eagle Foundation to raise funds for Nepal Vulture Restaurants in celebration of international vulture awareness day. Unlike traditional episodes of the podcast, Maya and Robin paint a King Vulture whilst discussing vultures in Nepal and the roles they play within their ecosystems. The trio informed viewers about the ongoing vulture crisis in Africa and Asia as well as how their donations will create a safe place for vultures to eat avoiding toxic substances such as Diclofenac. Connor gave a background on the administration of the anti-inflammatory medication given to cattle in the early 2000s, and how vulture’s ingestion of Diclofenac is thought to be the reason vulture populations have declined by 99% in Nepal and India. Throughout the painting, the three gave an array of facts and vulture knowledge, detailing the importance of vultures as ‘nature’s clean up crew’. Such facts included urohydrosis, vomiting for self-defense along with the misconceptions surrounding it, and their potent stomach acid enabling them to stop the spread of diseases like rabies. Viewers saw a live appearance of George, a 35-year-old turkey vulture who is an ambassador at AEF due to his inability to fly. Later in the podcast, Maya makes her first attempt at fecal matter identification, led by Connor and AEF’s rehabilitation director, Nancy.
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American Eagle Foundation

Mayas community raised $2160 for the American Eagle Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in 1985 in Tennessee dedicated to the conservation and restoration of the Bald Eagle and other birds of prey.