CONSERVATION CAST E. 44 with Susan Tsang for Progres

During this episode of the Conservation Cast, Maya spoke with Susan about the wonders of flying foxes and their important roles in their ecosystem as a pollinator. Susan explained that one of the largest issues faced by flying foxes in the Philippines is hunting, with causes ranging from bushmeat trade to medicinal superstition. Viewers were taught ways in which conservationists tackle the issue of hunting through educating provinces on flying foxes and teaching them more sustainable meat hunting methods such as chicken farms. Susan answered the Viewer’s questions regarding their use of echolocation, the origin of their name, and their social systems and colonies.
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Mayas community raised $1112.04 for the Progres, a nonprofit organization that began as a community effort that works with government partners to prevent the unlawful hunting of flying foxes through signed agreements with local community chiefs and education.