CONSERVATION CAST E. 45 with Shah Selbe for Conservify

During this episode of the Conservation Cast, Maya spoke with Shah about the origin of Conservify, and the issues in conservation which Shah aimed to address with the creation of open-source field kits. The two discussed the significance of a Field Kit's ability to provide a platform which allows people to monitor their environment, and not only visualize the collected data, but give the ability to share said data with others. Shah shared his experience as a National Geographic Explorer and explained how it led to his creation of one of the only non-profit tech labs in the world. Additionally, Shah answered viewer’s questions such as his ideas for future advancements to the Field Kit, and some of his favorite stories from people’s usage of Field Kits.
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Maya’s community raised $2207.77 for Conservify, a non-profit organization that seeks to empower conservationists and communities by lowering the barriers to entry for effective conservation. Conservify provides platforms, apps, and connected devices in order to build an open conservation community within conservation technology.