CONSERVATION CAST E. 47 with Dr. Andrew Halloran for Save the Chimps

Maya speaks with Dr. Andrew Halloran, Director of Chimpanzee Behavior and Care at Save the Chimps who is in charge of direct non-veterinary care of the chimps in the sanctuary. During this episode of the Conservation Cast, Maya spoke with Andrew about his role in the sanctuary and when he first started working with chimpanzees. Andrew spoke of his studies into vocal communication of chimps prior to his involvement in the sanctuary. The two delved deep into the saddening history of scientific experimentation and exploitation of chimpanzees. Explaining the origin of the sanctuary and its purpose of providing a space for victimized chimps who have had these challenging paths to receive care. Andrew answered an array of viewer-sent questions regarding the sanctuary such as the lifespan and diet of a chimp in the wild compared to in captivity, the misconceptions surrounding chimps, how covid has impacted the operation of the sanctuary, and if the chimps are at risk of contracting coronavirus. Andrew informed viewers of the many ways in which they themselves can help support the conservation and protection of the species.
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Maya’s community raised $2039 for Save the Chimps, the largest privately funded chimp sanctuary in the world which was established in order to provide a refuge for victims of exploitation and scientific experimentation of chimpanzees.