CONSERVATION CAST E.5 with Samantha Jackson

During this episode of the Conservation Cast, Maya spoke with Samantha Jackson from ZooToYou Conservation Ambassadors. Jackson is the Director of Community Outreach and was Maya's supervisor during her internship in outreach education and exotic animal husbandry in June 2018. The duo discussed the negative changes to the endangered species act (ESA) and how these changes will affect conservation efforts, Samantha's story of growing up at a zoo; whilst introducing us to a baby red kangaroo and one of only two slow lorises in captivity in North America. Samantha and Maya also chatted about their mutual love of falconry and Maya credits her time at ZooToYou as the reason she is so passionate about birds of prey and Samantha as the reason she got into falconry.
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Maya’s community raised $710 for ZooToYou Conservation Ambassadors, an organization founded as a forever home for abandoned, disabled, or permanently injured local wildlife and exotic animals.