CONSERVATION CAST E. 50 with Samantha Jackson for ZooToYou Conservation Ambassadors

During this episode of the Conservation Cast, Maya spoke with Samantha about what it means for an animal to be an ‘ambassador’, their significance in educating the public about how to share our environment with them, and how to reduce the negative impact we might have on them. Samantha introduced a few ZooToYou ambassadors including Bruno the harris hawk, Gumbo the alligator, and Disco the grey fox. Samantha and Maya answered viewer-sent questions about the ambassador friends and shared stories and experiences from working with them. The two also discussed the recently finalized plans to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling and explained how this decision will affect conservation efforts across the 19 million acres in the Alaska North Slope region. This special milestone episode of the Conservation Cast concluded with Maya sharing her gratitude for the ongoing support each week and to Samantha and ZooToYou for sparking her love for falconry and exotics.
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Maya’s community raised $5770 for ZooToYou Conservation Ambassadors, an organization founded as a forever home for abandoned, disabled, or permanently injured local wildlife and exotic animals.