CONSERVATION CAST E. 52 with Maya’s Mom for Animal Assisted Happiness

During this special episode of the Conservation Cast, Maya spoke with her Mom, Vicki, about the rehabilitating effect animals can have on adults and kids alike. Vicki shares stories showcasing their animal’s ability to brighten up one’s day or be there for those in need. Vicki also emphasizes their animal’s unique ability to connect with kids with special needs and give them a friend to open up with. After seeing these effects firsthand, Vicki hopes to continue to spread smiles using her non-profit. Throughout the podcast, Vicki also explains how Maya became so passionate about animals and shares embarrassing stories of Maya growing up.
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Animal Assisted Happiness
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Animal Assisted Happiness

Maya’s community raised $5340.80 for Animal Assisted Happiness (AAH), a non-profit founded in 2009 with the goal to spread smiles using rehab animals. AAH focuses on giving moments of joy to kids with special needs and their families, a unique experience they claim only animals can bring.