CONSERVATION CAST E.6 with Niko and Alex of PlayRescue

During this episode of the Conservation Cast, Maya spoke with Niko and Alex of the Odsherred Rescue Zoo, based in Denmark. Initially, Oddsherred opened as a "traditional" zoo before transitioning to a rescue facility for 600 exotic animals. Niko and Alex took Maya on a guided tour of the incredible facility and introduced the community to various animals including lemurs, camels, and an array of bird species. Amongst the talking points, the trio discussed was the development of a mobile and PC game designed to raise funds for Odsherred Zoo Rescue, future outreach and education projects, and online streaming content.
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Odsherred Zoo Rescue

Maya’s community raised $530 for Odsherred rescue zoo, a rescue center for abused, abandoned, or surrendered exotic animals.