CONSERVATION CAST E. 63 with Marcus Wernicke from Marine Mammal Rescue

During this episode of the Conservation Cast, Maya spoke with Marcus Wernicke about what Marcus has experienced and learned working at Marine Mammal Rescue for over four thousand hours. Marcus talks about the most common mammals rescued at the two locations, California and Vancouver, and California’s surrogate programs to teach orphaned seals how to survive in the wild. Later, Marcus helps answer many questions from chat about otters such as their threats, diets, and favorite toys. Marcus does a great job bouncing off of the chat which makes sense given that it was his idea for Marine Mammal Rescue to start streaming on Twitch!
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Marine Mammal Rescue

Maya’s community raised $801.00 for Marine Mammal Rescue, a foundation dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of all marine mammals. MMR also works to educate and research marine mammals in hopes of continuing the upward trend of their populations.