CONSERVATION CAST E. 8 VULTURE AWARENESS with American Eagle Foundation (coloring/pizza/bird party)

During this special episode of the Conservation Cast, Maya collaborated with her friends from the American Eagle Foundation (AEF) to raise funds for Nepal Vulture Restaurants. Unlike traditional episodes of the podcast, the duo threw a painting and pizza party whilst discussing vultures in Nepal and the roles they play within their ecosystems. In the early 2000s, cattle in Nepal and across Asia were treated with a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication called Diclofenac. As a result of ingesting Diclofenac when feeding on the medicated carcass, vultures will die within 24-48 hours of liver and kidney failure. The administration of Diclofenac is thought to be the reason vulture populations have declined by 99% in Nepal and India. Vulture farms were established to be a safe haven for these endangered vultures to safely feed upon the carrions of cows and other animals. Amongst other topics of discussion was the negative economic and health effects vulture population decline has had in Nepal and across Asia and how a thriving vulture population can reverse these trends.
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American Eagle Foundation - Nepal Vulture Restaurants

Maya and her community raised $1400 dollars for the American Eagle Foundation to help fund Nepal Vulture Restaurants, safe havens that allow these incredible birds to eat safely.