CONSERVATION CAST E.9 with Save the Rhino

During this episode of the Conservation Cast, Maya spoke with Emma Pereira from Save The Rhino. Periera serves as the organization's communications manager. Before starting with the organization, Emma was studying marine biology at university before deciding to move into environmental policy. Save The Rhinos funds projects in Africa and Asia designed to both improve the roles of wildlife rangers on the ground and increase habitat availability to ensure rhino population numbers are able to increase. Amongst other talking points discussed were the effect cultural and social beliefs have on rhino conservation efforts, Emma's desire to work for the organization, and what is being done to curb illegal poaching and rhino horn trade.
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Maya’s community raised $1084 for Save the Rhino, an organization dedicated to protecting the five species of rhinos found in Africa and Asia, and improving the lives and job capabilities of wildlife rangers protecting these incredible animals.